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Purina One Cat Chicken 800g



Purina ONE Adult Cat Rich in Chicken & Whole Grains Dry food 800g. Purina ONE Adult is specifically formulated to meet the complete nutritional needs of Adult cats (aged 1-7 years) who need a complete and balanced diet to help stay in the best of health. ACTILEA is a unique nutritional formula within PURINA ONE designed to help keep your cat’s natural defences strong and to deliver a wave of positive effects to help support her health, so you can enjoy her visibly great condition knowing she’s great on the inside too. Purina ONE with ACTILEA formula helps support your cat’s healthy immune system today and tomorrow.

Chicken (17%), wholegrain wheat (17%), dried poultry protein, maize, maize gluten meal, animal fat, maize grits, dried chicory root (2%), wheat gluten meal, minerals, digest, yeast (1%), fish oil.

Protien: 34%, Fat content: 14%, Crude ask: 7.5%, Crude Fibres: 2%, Omrga 6 Fatty Acids: 2%.

Cat Weight : Recommended daily amount (g/day) Quantity = 2-4 kg : 35-65g; 4-6kg : 65-100g; 6-8kg : 100-130g.

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