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Burns Original Kitten Chicken & Rice 400g



Natural Kitten Food

Give your new arrival the very best start in life with Burns Chicken & Rice natural kitten food.

Containing a handful of simple, highly-palatable ingredients, our dry kitten food recipe contains all the essential nutrients your feline needs to grow into a happy and healthy adult.

The recipe is packed with superhero ingredients such as vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and protein which promote healthy growth and development.

All Burns diets are formulated without ingredients which commonly cause food intolerance such as wheat, soya, dairy, artificial colourings, artificial flavourings and artificial preservatives.

Serving suggestion: For very young kittens we advise that the food is soaked in warm water and made into a porridge consistency.

Product Benefits

Natural, complete kitten food formula
Contains taurine for healthy eyes and heart
Free-from wheat, soya, beef and dairy
Promotes healthy growth and development
Bite-sized kibble

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